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What a pain…


Was travelling this weekend gone by, and was back early monday morning. Since most of the travel included a straight 9-hour journey in a bus, with no breaks and absolutely no space to even shift on the seat, i figured i deserved some rest before starting my work on Monday. un fortunately i got a crick in my neck. One that escalated to sprain status. 🙁

It’s Thursday today, and I find myself still stuck with a pain in my neck! Wasn’t so bad if i didn’t have 2 major and 1 not-so-major project in the works. Also my cousin sister and brother are on their way for a couple of days at my place. Did I mention the said sister has a toddler? The problem with toddlers is that they and knitting/crochet dont mesh well. Each side wants to win, and usually the craft loses, badly. 🙁

What I’m working on is a test knit of a tunic based on a design for a kid’s vest. Interesting stuff, really. Another is the Mohair C/KAL that was started 2 months back, and I’m setting off only now. So that’s a deadline I HAVE TO meet. Also am making my first triangle shawl with some leftover blue yarn. It is a basic one based on The Harry Shawl by Caroline Wiens. This one isn’t going anywhere, as I don’t have a deadline to meet. Of course i have my sewing project which I haven’t even touched!!! Next month? Hopefully! LOL.

So I’m hoping I’m better by monday, and can get back to my knitting.  Of course, i could go ahead and work on my cross-stitch in the mean time…. Nah! I’ll wait for Monday! 🙂
Happy weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “What a pain…

  1. get well soon… I will suggest get well first completely before working on any of the needlecraft!
    Take care!

    1. Thank u! thats the plan actually 🙂

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