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Whew! What a Hectic Year!

I seem to have started the year on a Knitting Sprint of sorts! I have absolutely no time to blog at all. 🙂 This post is basically a catch up of what I did in December.

December started off peaceful enough. I was on a holiday for most of the month and just made a few projects, but the pace kind of increased as the year ended. The projects I finished during this time were:

Winter Chill Reversible Hat (test knit): this one I ended up gifting away. Well, it wasn’t meant to be mine! 🙂

The right side: reversible hat
The right side: reversible hat
the inside of the reversible hat
the inside of the reversible hat

Cephalopod Pot Hat (test knit):

One more hat to my skills! :)
One more hat to my skills! 🙂

Scarflette for my MIL: This was entirely reverse engineered from one of the machine-knit ready-made scarf that my MIL had. This is a common sight around South India, and I just had to make one for her! 🙂


And I started a sweater for my nephew – Gilbert: I’m going to put up the WIP picture of the sweater, as it was at the end of 2013! 🙂

the Gilbert! :)
the Gilbert! 🙂


At the very end of the month, on the Ravelry Groups suggested we cast-on for a new project on the 1st, and complete it during the month. I couldn’t resist now could I?! So that’s what I did… I waited! 😀

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