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Our specially designed punch needle creates looped and uniform “stitches” that form various patterns on foundation fabric. It has adjustable length feature, which allows you to control the length of the loops. We offer 4 different needle diameters which can be used with a common wooden handle along with attachments. The diameter of the needle determines the thickness of the yarn or thread you can use, with thicker yarns creating more textured designs and finer threads resulting in delicate and intricate patterns. The wooden handle is ergonomically comfortable to hold and is convenient to use for long hours.


  • Beautifully Embroidered Denim Blue Case
  • Rainbow Hued Punch Needle Handle
  • 4 Needles: 2, 3, 4, 5 mm
  • 3 Attachments: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
  • Note: 5 mm needle does not need attachment
  • 2 Threaders
  • Complete Instructional booklet
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Punch Needle is an exciting form of embroidery art which uses the technique of looping yarn or thread to form various patterns on the fabric and the needle that is used for doing it is called Punch Needle.

Its suitable for all skill levels, enabling you to create interesting art pieces, accessories and
gorgeous home decor projects.

It’s a fast process which is easy to experiment with to create items.

Details of the Set:
This Punch needle set includes a wooden handle that has a screw for adjusting the length of the needles according to the desired length.

Needle 1: Diameter 2MM – This needle is perfect for thread or lace weight yarn where the diameter of the thread is 1.5MM or less. Ideal for fine work & detailing.
Needle 2: Diameter 3MM – This needle is perfect for fingering & sport weight yarns,
ideal for creating beautiful artworks with sharp details.
Needle 3: Diameter 4MM – This diameter is good for using DK weight yarn. You can also use thin ribbons with this needle. It can be used for filling large designs quickly.
Needle 4: Diameter 5MM – This diameter works best with worsted or bulky weight yarns. You can also use t-shirt yarn with this needle.

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Vibrant Wood, Earthy Wood


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