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Stitch Markers

Every time I get down to knit something complicated, the designs call for stitch markers to help mark out the steps. Till date I’ve always used scraps of yarn tied into loops, and then disposed them when the need is gone.

Recently I saw a blog post by a fellow Raveler, where she spoke about making permanent stitch markers using beads. That got me thinking. I have the beads, I didn’t have the kind of wire she used, but I could use what I have. Hmm.

The thought had percolated in my mind for about a month now. And suddenly I decided I had to have the markers, and have them NOW. Dont ask me why, I haven’t figured that out myself. So I got out the stuff and made them!

Stitch Markers

Anywayz, so here is my effort in making my simple stitch markers. Happy Knitting!

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DIY Mini-Satchel

This one has been in the making for quite some time now. I started it, but then wanted it to be different from the previous one I made, and not just in design.

So I decided to jazz it up a bit. Also the handle is slightly different (metal wire for the beads). And the structure is also a bit longer than the last one. I think one can also use this as a crafts bag… threads and fabric in the back, needles in the front. 🙂

Cross-stitch Satchel
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Beaded Bag Handle – DIY

I’d made a cross-stitch mini-satchel for my sis-in-law. I had originally put in a handle using seed beads and ribbon. But that didn’t last too long :(. So the bag came back, and I need to think up something new and fresh for this bag.

Recently, while (finally) organizing my junk jewellery, I came by some old bead chains… the kind that look hip-n-happening if you’re wearing it in your early 20s.. which I’m not. So I decided to put it to work as the new handle.

The main problem with this is that the thread used in these chains are usually poor quality, and also there isn’t much leeway to attach it as a handle. So I re-threaded it.

The Effort

What you need:

  • Long embroidery needle
  • Thread – I used cotton crochet thread
  • scissors
  • Bead chain of your choice
  • Patience

The entire process took not more than 30 mins. You can also glue one end of the crochet thread to the end of the chain. Then you can simple pull the other end of the chain, and the whole chain will get htreaded automatically. This will work only with thick beads through. I had a lot of small beads filling between, and so couldn’t do this.

And here is the new look bag! 🙂

The Bag