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Crushed Turquoise

I’d actually started this KAL by called it Blue Crush. There were only 2 problems with that name though:

1) I was fed up with the number of “Blue”s on my project page

2) the design was called Crushed, not Crush.

That prompted the name change to the current one.

This has been my biggest challenge. Not just because of lace, but because of  lace on a triangle shawl. The very concept boggled the mind until recently. But now I can proudly say that I can definitely manage (somewhat) a good lace project! 🙂 Also I managed to master (somewhat) making nupps during the final phase of this project. So extra kudos to me!!

Unblocked Shawl
Unblocked Shawl
The design in detail
The design in detail
The final product! :D
The final product! 😀
And finally....
And finally….