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Old Denim

Old Denim
Old Denim

The sweater is a part of Artemis Adornments group’s Design Along hosted on Ravelry. Its been a fun experience! The idea was that the designer, Anna, had designed a sweater, and written down the recipe for making it. Now there were no exact sizes to go by, but an idea of how to make it for yourself – hence: a recipe! 🙂

She even threw in the actual patterns that she used within the sweater, but basically encouraged everyone to select a “zig-zag” pattern. I chose something that made me think of seashells. It was a fun design, and actually pretty easy after the first 2 repeats!

The recipe provided a very different way of making a seamless sweater, which I was very thrilled to learn. Though Anna did give detailed instructions on making sleeves, I chose a shortcut and went in for a vest. Will probably make one with sleeves sometime though.

The neck-band was a design that I thought up though. Anna suggested garter stitch or moss stitch to complement the zig-zags, but I wanted an entirely different look, so I went with something entirely different.

I called the sweater Old Denim because of the colors. This is a new variety of variegated yarns introduced by Oswal Woolens. I did start another sweater called Regal with another colorway. This particular colorway reminded me of denim that had been washed enough to lose its color, as just that stage when it sports more than one shade of blue at different parts depending on how much wear it has seen. Hence the name Old Denim. 🙂

the design - pre-blocking
the design – pre-blocking
With the button - post-blocking
With the button – post-blocking

I dont really have any modeled pictures, but I do hope to put up some soon! 🙂