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A Basic Coaster Set

This one started out as an experiment with circular knitting, with a side benefit of going up for a C/KAL in my Ravelry group. However, I ended up using the basic idea for another set of coasters and these went onto the back-burner.

This last weekend i fell ill. However, since I don’t believe in sitting back and doing nothing, out came this WIP (work-in-progress). And became an FO (finished object, wot did u think?)

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This was made during my holidays in Pune. It took exactly 6 days to make.. a coaster a day.. keeps the fingers busy(?)!

I was actually trying something else.. and this worked out instead. Plus I liked the way the variegated color shows up in layers through the coaster. Planned to make a larger mat as a center piece, but ran out of holidays! πŸ˜€