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Left Bank Cardigan – WIP

I started this particular cardigan on 25th March, with a deadline of 27th April.

I’m not really sure why the designer has named this cardigan so, but am going with it for now. The design is a simple ribbing, and that is all that gives this cardigan an amazingly cool look.

Unfortunately I’m about 30% done at this stage, and that’s not likely to improve too much by deadline date. Happily though, the designer has agreed that the timeline was short right at the beginning of the project. So as long as I am able to test it, and find errors along the way, sticking to deadline isn’t much of a priority to her. Unfortunately, it is for me, and  I just hate missing a deadline. 🙁

Here’s my progress till date. Not much to go by, but the yarn looks great! 🙂

Left Bank Cardigan
Left Bank Cardigan