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Crushed Turquoise

I’d actually started this KAL by called it Blue Crush. There were only 2 problems with that name though:

1) I was fed up with the number of “Blue”s on my project page

2) the design was called Crushed, not Crush.

That prompted the name change to the current one.

This has been my biggest challenge. Not just because of lace, but because of  lace on a triangle shawl. The very concept boggled the mind until recently. But now I can proudly say that I can definitely manage (somewhat) a good lace project! 🙂 Also I managed to master (somewhat) making nupps during the final phase of this project. So extra kudos to me!!

Unblocked Shawl
Unblocked Shawl
The design in detail
The design in detail
The final product! :D
The final product! 😀
And finally....
And finally….


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I had to write my thoughts down when i first saw this tag. I just didn’t understand the connection between extra-terrestrial entities and knitting.  Only later did I understand this particular designation. So here goes for the uninitiated (like me) :

UFO: Un-finished Object

FO: Finished Object (not an expletive, think positive!!! )

WIP: work-in-progress (ok, this one I already knew)

I actually started out on this blog as a kind of show-case for my finished items. But, with time, I came to realize that there’s so much more to write about than just the few things I actually make. There’s so much more to learn, and not really related to knitting or regular crafting. Like, there is my attempt at sewing. I call it an attempt because i have bought a sewing machine, I bought the fabric, but am yet to sew a single stitch!!!

That of course is my resolution for this month. ! item a month. which also would mean that I will have to increase my tags to include sewing. Hmm.

So here I enter the world of UFOs and write about How I progress on each of them, and on my resolutions to get them to move into the FO category.


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Stitch Markers

Every time I get down to knit something complicated, the designs call for stitch markers to help mark out the steps. Till date I’ve always used scraps of yarn tied into loops, and then disposed them when the need is gone.

Recently I saw a blog post by a fellow Raveler, where she spoke about making permanent stitch markers using beads. That got me thinking. I have the beads, I didn’t have the kind of wire she used, but I could use what I have. Hmm.

The thought had percolated in my mind for about a month now. And suddenly I decided I had to have the markers, and have them NOW. Dont ask me why, I haven’t figured that out myself. So I got out the stuff and made them!

Stitch Markers

Anywayz, so here is my effort in making my simple stitch markers. Happy Knitting!

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Woollen Sweater

This is my first attempt to make a sweater in about 18 yrs. The shaping wasn’t great, and that’s why its featured folded. But the design was great. And it sure feels comfortable!

Wool Sweater
One more!

Wool: 4/8 NM Winter King wool (Oswal) – 100% wool

Gauge: 10sts per 1″ on Size 12/ 2.27mm needles

Needles: Size 12/2.75mm and 10/3.25mm needles, DPN Size 12

Design: Enlarged Basket Stitch (Multiple of 18sts + 10)