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Autumn Woodland : Kobo Touch Cover

Having finally received my e-Reader, i’m all gung-ho about creating stuff for it! 🙂

My latest attempt is a test knit (how timely!) which featured covers for e-readers. Since the dimensions of mine are the exact same as the Kindle, I got to work!

The design, Effie, was created based on a character from The Hunger Games ™. The design is simple, and yet, the ruffles create a funky look. I called mine Autumn Woodland because of the colors. For some reason, the colors remind me of just that…

So here are the pics:

All ruffled up!
All ruffled up!
The simple back panel
The simple back panel
Couldn't resist this one too!
Couldn’t resist this one too!


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Case for Kobo Touch

Hubby gifted a Kobo Touch recently. An e-Reader has been on my wishlist for so long, and I was thrilled to get it in my hands! However, with Kobo, you don’t get any covers attached to it. This meant I had to make one.

Now the decision was actually whether I should sew one or knit one. Well, my decision was both! But sewing gets done faster, so the first cover was to be the stitched one.

Being a novice in the sewing department, I turned to the internet for inspiration. There were a few tutorials but:

  • I didn’t understand the instructions as they were geared for someone who knew what they were doing. I didn’t.
  • The instructions were geared towards cases for Kindle or Sony. I wanted spoon-feeding! 😉

Finally I found a tutorial here. This was truly a life-saver! And I got down to the serious business to making a quilted cover for my Kobo. However, I did not make the quilt with pieces from various fabrics. Instead It was a single sheet with design that I quilted using batting and lining material. I finally got to use it after a major shopping trip at RC Puram almost a year back!

Hmm. Batting. Not to mention that fancy lines ruler. I had no clue such things existed before this project. But then, I again wanted this cover now. So I managed to find some sponge sheet left over from some project. I used this in place of batting. Seemed to work well, but I really need to get to the market for some serious quilting material shopping if I have to get this right! I remember seeing something similar to that ruler at some store a long time back. Need to get back over there and check it out again. Ahh, my shopping list takes shape again! 😀

With the help of the tutorial, I managed to make my case. And here it is!  🙂

The finishing did leave a lot to desire. But then again, this is my very first sewing project (mobile pouches and repairs don’t count). So, I forgive myself. 🙂

the materials
the materials
The front - after quilting
The front – after quilting
the back - no awards for neatness though!
the back – no awards for neatness though!
And the final product! :)
And the final product! 🙂