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Blue Crush – I

This is the only Mystery KAL that I’m working on right now. Actually, I’d signed up for 2. But then realized that the first KAL gave the clues entirely in charts. Being a novice (yet), I didn’t think to confirm the charts or written question. So kinda dropped out of that one.

So the one that I’m working on is Rachel Henry’s Crushed. The clues were started on 8th Nov, 2nd clue given on 15th Nov and the 3rd one given on 22nd Nov. Now, logically, I should’ve started on the 8th, so that I’m not rushed into completing the shawl. But since when did I start following logic??? Anyway, I’d already swatched for this project n blogged in a previous post. So all that was left was actually starting the shawl.

So I cast on today.. and finished the first clue. It’s a pretty fast knit! So here’s the pic of the first clue, done.