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Autumn Woodland : Kobo Touch Cover

Having finally received my e-Reader, i’m all gung-ho about creating stuff for it! 🙂

My latest attempt is a test knit (how timely!) which featured covers for e-readers. Since the dimensions of mine are the exact same as the Kindle, I got to work!

The design, Effie, was created based on a character from The Hunger Games ™. The design is simple, and yet, the ruffles create a funky look. I called mine Autumn Woodland because of the colors. For some reason, the colors remind me of just that…

So here are the pics:

All ruffled up!
All ruffled up!
The simple back panel
The simple back panel
Couldn't resist this one too!
Couldn’t resist this one too!


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The Wannabe Case

Recently I found myself hooked on Pinterest, and found a picture of a laptop case. Seemed like an interesting idea. In fact the person wrote about her experience of making the case, though not the exact design. So i figured out a design for myself. it was also an interesting experience to figure out how to mix-match cables to make the design work out.

I named this The Wannabe Case because the center design is not a cable design, but a lace design. Hence the name. 🙂