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Red Wine mobile Pouch


I wanted to make a new cell-phone pouch that i could take to the Ravelry Bangalore Brigade meet on Sunday 26th Aug. Unfortunately I wasn’t too happy with the way it turned out. The design was fine, but I didn’t like the way I stitched it up with a flap. So I left it at home for a re-work. (sigh)

So i thought about it yesterday, and ripped up the side stitches. and re-worked it to remove the flap, and instead made it a simple case. Now came the button, which I so wanted. So i put in onto the wrong side, so it goes through the hole without having to wrap around the top.

For the handle, I decided I wanted an I-cord. So that’s what I learnt and made. It obviously looks like first attempt, but that’s ok for me! 🙂