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The Home-made Designer Bag

This has been a project that’s been long pending. The bag itself was made fast enough.The jute thread came from an earlier trip to Pune. So Sis-in-law quickly though up a design and crochet-ed it as fast as possible.

Then came the hunt for exact matching lining and handles. While I found the lining I wanted within 10-15 days, along with an exhaustive walk with my FIL through Hyderabad‘s General Bazaar, the handles took me a couple of months. Finally I found them in Pune (yet again) on a recent trip.

And then came my busy-ness with other project, and lack of time to actually put it all together. Also when the lining was done, Hubby wasn’t quite happy with the way it came up. So he suggested another layer of stitches where the lining wouldn’t move quite so much. So that was incorporated as well. 🙂

The show-piece on the front of the bag came from an old junk necklace, which I haven’t worn in a long time.

So finally here it comes! 😀

The Bag
Check out the neat design!
My finishing touch! 🙂
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Chocolate Fantasy – Mobile Pouch

Every trip to Pune isn’t complete without the requisite craft shopping trip.

This time it was to Samrat Stores @ Laxmi Road. And found the cutest variegated cotton yarn. Ma loved it instantly and said it reminded her of chocolate. And so I decided to make her something special with it.

The final result was a simple mobile pouch, with the cutest wood button (even if I say so myself!).

Chocolate Fantasy
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Crochet Handbag – Jute Thread

Found this thread on one of my in-frequent trips to Pune. Since my is-in-law is the one who crochets, gave  them to her to make what she wants to. 🙂

She made them into handbags using different styles.

This is Bag 1. The rest will follow soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete the finishing on them soon enough! 🙂