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Aviatrix Clutch – II

I gave the rushed update in my previous post. But here’s the final product.

Am not happy with the job I’ve done with the zip, but hey, it’s a first for me! I’ve always given the job to my tailor before, and now know exactly why she hates the sight of my projects!!! 🙁

Other than the zip itself and the lining, I also added a canvas sheet on both sides to give the clutch some firmness. As the malai dori is heavy in itself, the clutch was very awkward to carry around. The canvas lining definitely helped keep the structure properly.

Aviatrix Clutch
Aviatrix Clutch
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The Home-made Designer Bag

This has been a project that’s been long pending. The bag itself was made fast enough.The jute thread came from an earlier trip to Pune. So Sis-in-law quickly though up a design and crochet-ed it as fast as possible.

Then came the hunt for exact matching lining and handles. While I found the lining I wanted within 10-15 days, along with an exhaustive walk with my FIL through Hyderabad‘s General Bazaar, the handles took me a couple of months. Finally I found them in Pune (yet again) on a recent trip.

And then came my busy-ness with other project, and lack of time to actually put it all together. Also when the lining was done, Hubby wasn’t quite happy with the way it came up. So he suggested another layer of stitches where the lining wouldn’t move quite so much. So that was incorporated as well. 🙂

The show-piece on the front of the bag came from an old junk necklace, which I haven’t worn in a long time.

So finally here it comes! 😀

The Bag
Check out the neat design!
My finishing touch! 🙂