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Got the Blues…

There are some projects that are started.. and then get left behind some other newer project. Thats what happened with this shawl. I’d meant it to be my first triangle shawl. I was always fascinated with the shape, but terrified of attempting a gorgeous lacy ones I keep seeing on Ravelry.

So when I came across the Harry shawl, I decided to finally take the plunge, and see if I can knit it. And the answer is yes!! I did manage to complete the shawl, and it looks lovely.

All in Blue…
The lace bit
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The fact of the matter is: I’m not really good at this particular thing.

In fact, I tend to start projects, and then focus on any one of them!!! In any case, I really don’t want to go into the new year with loads of unfinished projects. A fact that got drilled into me by a random comment by the DH: why are you making another shawl? I think I saw you make 2 more (UFOs, both) and haven’t seen you wear either! Don’t make any more! (Really??!! But then again, they aren’t complete, so how would you see me use them?)

But of course, the very next day I HAD TO sign on for 2 Mystery Shawl KALs. This is the first time I’ve signed on for something like this. The process is that the designer gives us clues (or rather parts of the design) spread over 1 month. Following the timeline, we need to complete the shawl. Missing the deadline means that the design goes paid, and you will have an unfinished shawl unless you complete on time! The plus side is that I can be sure to complete it by December! 😀

The first one is Crushed by Rachel (RemilyKnits), and she has provided us with a swatch. So here’s mine in 3 different variants.

variant One: done with nupps and a single color and looking blah!

Variant 1: cant even make out the nupps on the first repeat 🙁

variant Two: done with nupps in variegated yarn… much better!

Variant 2: at least the nupps are visible!

variant Three: done with beads in place of nupps, and prob the yarn I’ll use finally.

Variant 3: beaded wonder! 😀



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What a pain…


Was travelling this weekend gone by, and was back early monday morning. Since most of the travel included a straight 9-hour journey in a bus, with no breaks and absolutely no space to even shift on the seat, i figured i deserved some rest before starting my work on Monday. un fortunately i got a crick in my neck. One that escalated to sprain status. 🙁

It’s Thursday today, and I find myself still stuck with a pain in my neck! Wasn’t so bad if i didn’t have 2 major and 1 not-so-major project in the works. Also my cousin sister and brother are on their way for a couple of days at my place. Did I mention the said sister has a toddler? The problem with toddlers is that they and knitting/crochet dont mesh well. Each side wants to win, and usually the craft loses, badly. 🙁

What I’m working on is a test knit of a tunic based on a design for a kid’s vest. Interesting stuff, really. Another is the Mohair C/KAL that was started 2 months back, and I’m setting off only now. So that’s a deadline I HAVE TO meet. Also am making my first triangle shawl with some leftover blue yarn. It is a basic one based on The Harry Shawl by Caroline Wiens. This one isn’t going anywhere, as I don’t have a deadline to meet. Of course i have my sewing project which I haven’t even touched!!! Next month? Hopefully! LOL.

So I’m hoping I’m better by monday, and can get back to my knitting.  Of course, i could go ahead and work on my cross-stitch in the mean time…. Nah! I’ll wait for Monday! 🙂
Happy weekend everyone!


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Lace Shawl

This was made as a part of my Ravelry C/KAL. And I dont think I’d ever have completed it so fast, if it wasnt for the deadline! 😀

There a few things about knitting that I also learnt with this shawl:

  • Lace knitting: The very basics, but definitely a start.
  • Needle Size: Looking beyond needle sizes US 2 & 3. Used size 8. A bit unwieldy initially, but got used to it soon enough!
  • Blocking: Never did this before, and didnt have the “blocking boards” everyone uses. But managed to come up with some decent in-house substitues! 🙂

The design itself is a very simple one. It is called Old Shale and is and old Shetland lace design. It is a 4-row pattern, with only 1 row of actual work. Simple, with such gorgeous results!

So here are the pics of my first every lace shawl:

Peach Yarn from Vardhman
The finished product
The design