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The fact of the matter is: I’m not really good at this particular thing.

In fact, I tend to start projects, and then focus on any one of them!!! In any case, I really don’t want to go into the new year with loads of unfinished projects. A fact that got drilled into me by a random comment by the DH: why are you making another shawl? I think I saw you make 2 more (UFOs, both) and haven’t seen you wear either! Don’t make any more! (Really??!! But then again, they aren’t complete, so how would you see me use them?)

But of course, the very next day I HAD TO sign on for 2 Mystery Shawl KALs. This is the first time I’ve signed on for something like this. The process is that the designer gives us clues (or rather parts of the design) spread over 1 month. Following the timeline, we need to complete the shawl. Missing the deadline means that the design goes paid, and you will have an unfinished shawl unless you complete on time! The plus side is that I can be sure to complete it by December! 😀

The first one is Crushed by Rachel (RemilyKnits), and she has provided us with a swatch. So here’s mine in 3 different variants.

variant One: done with nupps and a single color and looking blah!

Variant 1: cant even make out the nupps on the first repeat 🙁

variant Two: done with nupps in variegated yarn… much better!

Variant 2: at least the nupps are visible!

variant Three: done with beads in place of nupps, and prob the yarn I’ll use finally.

Variant 3: beaded wonder! 😀