Marica Shawl


VilasaDK (100% silk) from Sunrays Creations in Sunspots colourway (250 yards/100gm)
The shawl was made with 2 skeins.

Shawl Dimensions:
60” x 19” including the lace section

5mm straight or circular needles
1 stitch marker for marking lace panel
Needle for weaving ends

Level: Beginner

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Marica (pronounced mur-eech, मरिच ) is Sanskrit for black pepper.
Pepper, known as the “King of Spices”, has been an integral part of the Indian Spice Trade. Used in the past as currency, pepper has been used in trade for over 4000 years, and is possibly the world’s most traded spice.

Pepper is ubiquitous in the modern world with its presence on the dining table along with salt! It is used in various forms like a ground spice mix in garam masala or as in whole like katte pongali, or crushed and brewed in a hot pepper tea!

Marica shawl celebrates the peppercorn as used in katte pongali where it is the King in a bed of blended turmeric rice and lentils. The shawl is a shallow crescent in garter and a deceptively simple lace border, in a rich yellow with black speckles.



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