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Blue Crush – I

This is the only Mystery KAL that I’m working on right now. Actually, I’d signed up for 2. But then realized that the first KAL gave the clues entirely in charts. Being a novice (yet), I didn’t think to confirm the charts or written question. So kinda dropped out of that one.

So the one that I’m working on is Rachel Henry’s Crushed. The clues were started on 8th Nov, 2nd clue given on 15th Nov and the 3rd one given on 22nd Nov. Now, logically, I should’ve started on the 8th, so that I’m not rushed into completing the shawl. But since when did I start following logic??? Anyway, I’d already swatched for this project n blogged in a previous post. So all that was left was actually starting the shawl.

So I cast on today.. and finished the first clue. It’s a pretty fast knit! So here’s the pic of the first clue, done.

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Adult Winifred – Test Knit

This is one of the 3 projects due this month. This sweater/tunic was given by 15th Sept. I thought I could manage to finish it within 1 month. But health, guests and travel managed to make this a rush finish job!

The sweater
The cable design

I learnt quite a few important things:

  • Knitting Top-down Raglan shaped sweater. It was a huge concern if I would be able to do it. Yes, I can!!! πŸ˜€
  • Shaping: waist decreases and increases.
  • Contrasting colors: It doesn’t hurt to try something new, even if the design doesn’t call for it.

I started with a grey Oswal yarn which was originally earmarked for the DH. I’m not really sure why he rejected my offer to make a sweater, actually. But he did. So I decided to use it for this purpose.

The design has an option of making a sweater or increasing the length to a tunic. My only concern with it once I started knitting, was the gauge, or rather the number of stitches it necessitated :(. The sheer number of stitches per row was the main reason i just couldn’t persuade myself to finish it. It didn’t help matters that mine was one of the larger sizes, which in turn meant… u guessed it: more stitches!!!

So I finally managed to complete it to sweater length. The gray was boring me out, so added plum for a nice hem contrast.