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Hope this gets done… finally!

Cross-stitch is something that needs my complete concentration. Which is something I just can’t manage at this time! I’m too busy trying to complete my knitting deadline!

So recently in one of my Ravelry groups, a new craft-along started; embroidery-along. Since this is for 3 months, I’m hoping that this bit of work, that’s been long overdue, will finally get done!

Here are the pics till date:

One done, the other not yet!
One done, the other not yet!
The border
The border


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Been a long time…

I’ve been away for a long time, and really missed blogging here! 🙁 But of course, being away from blogging doesn’t really convert to being away from knitting! So here are a few of the things I’ve been doing till now:

First I was working very hard on the Left Bank Cardigan. Unfortunately, I managed to lose (my one and only loss ever) my 3.75mm circular… and I don’t own a spare. sigh. Also the parents were at my place for health reasons, and I just couldn’t make time for shopping for more. Of course I could have shopped online, but it just didn’t make sense to pay Rs.50 delivery charge for a Rs. 45 item! So I decided to wait, esp since I’ve also got news that Pony is setting up shop over the last weekend of June. Well, the sweater will have to wait. But here are the pics of progress till now:

The button-band n sleeves to be done
The button-band n sleeves to be done

Also during this time, I changed the design on the scarves I was making for my father and father-in-law. I started with just one of them, and here’s my progress so far.

reversible scarf
reversible scarf

And as if I was without work, I also signed on for a test-knit for a Singapore based designer. Most of the design seems of stockinette and the remaining of cables. Another advantage is that its written. Dont have confidence in my chart-reading skills yet, so am just glad to have written ones instead.

Finally, 2 projects that have been long drawn out are a summer pullover in silk-cotton and a runner for my dining table.

So, cheers to a busy time ahead! 😀


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Left Bank Cardigan – WIP

I started this particular cardigan on 25th March, with a deadline of 27th April.

I’m not really sure why the designer has named this cardigan so, but am going with it for now. The design is a simple ribbing, and that is all that gives this cardigan an amazingly cool look.

Unfortunately I’m about 30% done at this stage, and that’s not likely to improve too much by deadline date. Happily though, the designer has agreed that the timeline was short right at the beginning of the project. So as long as I am able to test it, and find errors along the way, sticking to deadline isn’t much of a priority to her. Unfortunately, it is for me, and  I just hate missing a deadline. 🙁

Here’s my progress till date. Not much to go by, but the yarn looks great! 🙂

Left Bank Cardigan
Left Bank Cardigan


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Friday WIPs

I sit at the end of the first Quarter of this year, and look back at my achievements… Well, well, they weren’t really very small if I say so myself!

What I did manage to finish this year was the Candied Shells wrap, and the Pink Dreams Cardigan, and a mini-project called Silk Dreams. I also did manage to finish a scarf last week, but apparently the designer has thing about not displaying the FO until she’s actually released the design, if at all! Hmphf!!!  What’s the fun in testing, if I can’t show-off what I did and generate interest among people I know??!!

I also learnt how to make a good looking hand-wound ball of yarn. Yeah! That was a nice project. And that was the one thing I learnt entirely from the internet. No books, no personal guidance. It was fun!

Then, I looked at what I have on my needles… and looked. I have 4 projects going on. And one to be resurrected from languishing in the background! So lets see: I have

  • 1 sweater to be tested before 25th of the month, of which I haven’t finished even 20%
  • 1 shawl which was supposed to be last month
  • 1 clutch for a KAL I signed up
  • the afore-mentioned WIP top : this wasn’t my fault though, the designer just woke up and remembered she’d sent me the design and yarn, and forgot that I sent it back for corrections 🙁

Ah, well, that’s my update for the day! I hope I can post some progress photos by EOD of course.

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My New Blog Address

Hi Friends,

I have now changed my blog address to
As this year started I have reviewing what are al lthe things I’ve made, and where I’m headed now. Initally all my crafting was directed to home decor. But now I find myself fascinated with all kinds of crafts, and not just for home. Hence the change in my address reflects this move in my mind.

Please help me grow in the endeavour!


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The Nosty project – II

Well, when I blogged this morning, I didn’t know I’d follow-up with a new blog in the afternoon!

What I did different with this last Skien was that instead of winding in one direction and then the next, I simply continued with one direction. I just kept turning the tube!

Let me explain. I held the bottle in my left hand, and was winding the yarn from the left top to the right bottom. I tried to ensure that most of the thread lay against each other without overlapping.

winding in a straight line! ;)
winding in a straight line! 😉

So when I pulled out the ball of yarn, the gap at the center stayed put without collapsing! Now the ball looks even neater that the previous ones. The ball is taller, and thinner than the previous ones, but hey! I’m not complaining! 🙂

The neat center with thread visible
The neat center with thread visible
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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013! ok, I’m a lil late, but so what? Happy New Year!!! 🙂

It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions and goals, in the fond hope that we’ll actually stick to them. 😉

Well, here’s my list for this year. Since last year didn’t have any resolutions, I decided to make some this year vis-a-vis my crafting life. So here follows my list:



  • Start! that is so important!!!


Learn a new craft:

  • Haven’t decided what.. but I want to learn something new and different; something not related to yarn!


  • Complete my table-cloth, and design more bags.

What’s your resolution list?

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,300 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The Daily Nook

For a couple of weeks now on Ravelry’s South Asian Crafters, the 5th Aniv celebrations have been underway. It has been an interesting time. The questions are asked by the moderator, Swapna, and once everyone answers (within the time limit), a random number is drawn. Similarly for the sponsors, there are random numbers are drawn for that day’s prize. Eventually, there will be a grand prize, with a much larger prize to be won at the very end.

Most of these questions have made me think about my knit knitting. Though this is a very recent passion, it has overtaken all others. I used to cross-stitch before, but i cannot gather the enthusiasm for cross-stitch, the way it is for knitting.

This weekend’s question was: what is your favourite place to knit . It turns out, it’s the one place that was the Hubby’s favourite in the house. The long sofa in the living room. When I was working with cloth, it was easier to sit in the single seats with high armrests. But with knitting i needed a lot more elbow room. And I never did realize: I tend to occupy the whole damn place!

So here’s my favourite daily nook. The one place where you need permission to sit in my house!

The Sofa in question, with my laptop in front of it, and a side table to hold spare yarn!


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Blue Crush – I

This is the only Mystery KAL that I’m working on right now. Actually, I’d signed up for 2. But then realized that the first KAL gave the clues entirely in charts. Being a novice (yet), I didn’t think to confirm the charts or written question. So kinda dropped out of that one.

So the one that I’m working on is Rachel Henry’s Crushed. The clues were started on 8th Nov, 2nd clue given on 15th Nov and the 3rd one given on 22nd Nov. Now, logically, I should’ve started on the 8th, so that I’m not rushed into completing the shawl. But since when did I start following logic??? Anyway, I’d already swatched for this project n blogged in a previous post. So all that was left was actually starting the shawl.

So I cast on today.. and finished the first clue. It’s a pretty fast knit! So here’s the pic of the first clue, done.

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The fact of the matter is: I’m not really good at this particular thing.

In fact, I tend to start projects, and then focus on any one of them!!! In any case, I really don’t want to go into the new year with loads of unfinished projects. A fact that got drilled into me by a random comment by the DH: why are you making another shawl? I think I saw you make 2 more (UFOs, both) and haven’t seen you wear either! Don’t make any more! (Really??!! But then again, they aren’t complete, so how would you see me use them?)

But of course, the very next day I HAD TO sign on for 2 Mystery Shawl KALs. This is the first time I’ve signed on for something like this. The process is that the designer gives us clues (or rather parts of the design) spread over 1 month. Following the timeline, we need to complete the shawl. Missing the deadline means that the design goes paid, and you will have an unfinished shawl unless you complete on time! The plus side is that I can be sure to complete it by December! 😀

The first one is Crushed by Rachel (RemilyKnits), and she has provided us with a swatch. So here’s mine in 3 different variants.

variant One: done with nupps and a single color and looking blah!

Variant 1: cant even make out the nupps on the first repeat 🙁

variant Two: done with nupps in variegated yarn… much better!

Variant 2: at least the nupps are visible!

variant Three: done with beads in place of nupps, and prob the yarn I’ll use finally.

Variant 3: beaded wonder! 😀