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The Nosty project – II

Well, when I blogged this morning, I didn’t know I’d follow-up with a new blog in the afternoon!

What I did different with this last Skien was that instead of winding in one direction and then the next, I simply continued with one direction. I just kept turning the tube!

Let me explain. I held the bottle in my left hand, and was winding the yarn from the left top to the right bottom. I tried to ensure that most of the thread lay against each other without overlapping.

winding in a straight line! ;)
winding in a straight line! 😉

So when I pulled out the ball of yarn, the gap at the center stayed put without collapsing! Now the ball looks even neater that the previous ones. The ball is taller, and thinner than the previous ones, but hey! I’m not complaining! 🙂

The neat center with thread visible
The neat center with thread visible

3 thoughts on “The Nosty project – II

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  2. This is really a good idea. Thanks for Sharing.

    1. do share ur experience with winding ur yarn this way!

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