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Working with a Deadline


Finally my neck has some relief, and with no less enthusiasm, am back into my knitting. Right now I’m trying to get 2 projects done. The Mohair KAL, and the Winifred tunic.

I had to rip the mohair stole earlier. The problem was that I’d never knit with 4mm needles, and didn’t think to check the gauge. Next result was I had one hell of a wide stole. In fact it qualified for a jumbo shawl!!! And for those who think its easy to rip stuff up, lemme tell u, it’s not that easy with mohair. The thread is so fine, you almost end up in tears trying to get it to open up. Not to mention when you hit a snag (which, btw, you’re bound to!) The yarn is so hairy, that ripping becomes a major pain in… you’re choice of place. 🙁

Now finally I’ve gotten on track with the stole.

I’ve called it Fresh Earth,because that’s what it reminded me of. The yarn is a muddy brown (no choice in the shop), and the design is this delicate set of curves grooving through the design. I felt like I was watching the earth being tilled and readied for seeding. It’s such a good feeling, that I had to name the design as such.

Here’s a quick preview:

Fresh Earth


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What a pain…


Was travelling this weekend gone by, and was back early monday morning. Since most of the travel included a straight 9-hour journey in a bus, with no breaks and absolutely no space to even shift on the seat, i figured i deserved some rest before starting my work on Monday. un fortunately i got a crick in my neck. One that escalated to sprain status. 🙁

It’s Thursday today, and I find myself still stuck with a pain in my neck! Wasn’t so bad if i didn’t have 2 major and 1 not-so-major project in the works. Also my cousin sister and brother are on their way for a couple of days at my place. Did I mention the said sister has a toddler? The problem with toddlers is that they and knitting/crochet dont mesh well. Each side wants to win, and usually the craft loses, badly. 🙁

What I’m working on is a test knit of a tunic based on a design for a kid’s vest. Interesting stuff, really. Another is the Mohair C/KAL that was started 2 months back, and I’m setting off only now. So that’s a deadline I HAVE TO meet. Also am making my first triangle shawl with some leftover blue yarn. It is a basic one based on The Harry Shawl by Caroline Wiens. This one isn’t going anywhere, as I don’t have a deadline to meet. Of course i have my sewing project which I haven’t even touched!!! Next month? Hopefully! LOL.

So I’m hoping I’m better by monday, and can get back to my knitting.  Of course, i could go ahead and work on my cross-stitch in the mean time…. Nah! I’ll wait for Monday! 🙂
Happy weekend everyone!


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I had to write my thoughts down when i first saw this tag. I just didn’t understand the connection between extra-terrestrial entities and knitting.  Only later did I understand this particular designation. So here goes for the uninitiated (like me) :

UFO: Un-finished Object

FO: Finished Object (not an expletive, think positive!!! )

WIP: work-in-progress (ok, this one I already knew)

I actually started out on this blog as a kind of show-case for my finished items. But, with time, I came to realize that there’s so much more to write about than just the few things I actually make. There’s so much more to learn, and not really related to knitting or regular crafting. Like, there is my attempt at sewing. I call it an attempt because i have bought a sewing machine, I bought the fabric, but am yet to sew a single stitch!!!

That of course is my resolution for this month. ! item a month. which also would mean that I will have to increase my tags to include sewing. Hmm.

So here I enter the world of UFOs and write about How I progress on each of them, and on my resolutions to get them to move into the FO category.