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I had to write my thoughts down when i first saw this tag. I just didn’t understand the connection between extra-terrestrial entities and knitting.  Only later did I understand this particular designation. So here goes for the uninitiated (like me) :

UFO: Un-finished Object

FO: Finished Object (not an expletive, think positive!!! )

WIP: work-in-progress (ok, this one I already knew)

I actually started out on this blog as a kind of show-case for my finished items. But, with time, I came to realize that there’s so much more to write about than just the few things I actually make. There’s so much more to learn, and not really related to knitting or regular crafting. Like, there is my attempt at sewing. I call it an attempt because i have bought a sewing machine, I bought the fabric, but am yet to sew a single stitch!!!

That of course is my resolution for this month. ! item a month. which also would mean that I will have to increase my tags to include sewing. Hmm.

So here I enter the world of UFOs and write about How I progress on each of them, and on my resolutions to get them to move into the FO category.


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