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Peachy Keen

This stole was originally called “Stole of the Seas” and designed by Melanie Berg. This was only my 2nd test knit. And the first hadn’t yet completed as some details were missing, and communication was in progress. 🙂

Peachy Keen! 🙂


Anyway, I took this up since the design seemed to be fairly simple, and I was sure to complete it within the month assigned. Well, you know what they say about the best intentions!

The design was nice to see, but I just couldn’t keep the pace after 50%. It was just too boring to knit! 🙁 When I say that I mean that I can’t multi-task, which unfortunately is a primary concern with me. I normally read a novel, knit and listen to the latest music on radio/tv at any single point of time. I also sometimes catch up with the happenings on my favourite reality show! But doing this design meant I had to do any of those things… or knit. The design needed my full concentration, and unfortunately I ran out of concentration at 50%.

After leaving it on my shelf for almost a month, I found that someone else had completed their stole. While I was happy that I wasn’t the only late person, I was also ashamed as that lady had managed to complete, and I hadn’t.

So out came my needles, and this was done.

PS: I cheated just a li’l bit. I didn’t make the full length of the stole. Instead I added a large fringe to make up for length. But hey, it looks good!!!

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