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Friday WIPs

I sit at the end of the first Quarter of this year, and look back at my achievements… Well, well, they weren’t really very small if I say so myself!

What I did manage to finish this year was the Candied Shells wrap, and the Pink Dreams Cardigan, and a mini-project called Silk Dreams. I also did manage to finish a scarf last week, but apparently the designer has thing about not displaying the FO until she’s actually released the design, if at all! Hmphf!!!  What’s the fun in testing, if I can’t show-off what I did and generate interest among people I know??!!

I also learnt how to make a good looking hand-wound ball of yarn. Yeah! That was a nice project. And that was the one thing I learnt entirely from the internet. No books, no personal guidance. It was fun!

Then, I looked at what I have on my needles… and looked. I have 4 projects going on. And one to be resurrected from languishing in the background! So lets see: I have

  • 1 sweater to be tested before 25th of the month, of which I haven’t finished even 20%
  • 1 shawl which was supposed to be last month
  • 1 clutch for a KAL I signed up
  • the afore-mentioned WIP top : this wasn’t my fault though, the designer just woke up and remembered she’d sent me the design and yarn, and forgot that I sent it back for corrections 🙁

Ah, well, that’s my update for the day! I hope I can post some progress photos by EOD of course.

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