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The Ugg Project

This is one project I’m definitely not proud of πŸ™

I got this yarn as part of a sample pack for a silk-yarn manufacturer. Its been lying around for sometime, as I didn’t know wot to do with it. Finally i figured that the nicest thing i could make would be a mobile pouch… in silk!

Once I made the yarn into a ball, my neighbour walks in and asks if I am matching that yarn up with something else as it just couldn’t be enough for any project. The answer was negative, but got me wondering if I was over ambitious to try to make something with such a small skien (10gms).
Anyway, I used a large needle (5.5mm) and got knitting. At the end realized that I had some yarn to spare. So made random pieces of i-cord, which I stitched up at different places: handle, border for the flap, and the last waste bit of yarn became a kind of strap for the flap.

But hey, its done, and its silk!!!

One thing I did was that it was used Judy’s Magic Cast-on method to create a seamless starting point for knitting in the round. Also, am proud of the fact that this is the only mobile pouch i have that’s been done in-the-round.

PS: for something I’m not too proud of, there sure are a lot of photos here!

The front of the pouch
The front of the pouch
the back of the pouch...
the back of the pouch…

more shots of the front!

one more..
one more..

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