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I finished this particular shawl on 10th May, but just couldn’t get around to blocking it. And it’s finally done!!!

The design is a test knit for Joyce Lu (YuLian on Ravelry), and was knit top down. I had opted for a custom size, and its worked quite well for me. It did take longer than expected for me to actually  complete it, but then it’s finally done!

The shawl was made with 8 repeats of the lace pattern and its final dimensions are: 1.88mts in length and 86cms in width. It has been made with Vardhman acrylic light fingering yarn in hot pink. and definitely makes for a good-looking, distinctive and warm cover on a cool day! 🙂


tip of the shawl
tip of the shawl
Lace edge of the shawl and side tip
curve of the shawl at the top
full shawl spread out



2 thoughts on “Longyan

  1. beautiful shawl, Manasa!

    1. Thanks so much Medha!

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