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Crochet Purse – Jute Thread

Now this one has been lingering around, just waiting for me to get around to finishing it. It is made of jute thread, which makes the finishing a little difficult.

Since I was already finishing the other bags, I decided to complete this one too.

Jute Thread Purse

6 thoughts on “Crochet Purse – Jute Thread

  1. Hi: The purse looks lovely. Could you pls let me know the name of the shop in Pune that sells this jute thread?
    Meena K

    1. Hi Meena,
      I bot the thread at Samrat stores nr Laxmi road, Tulsibaug.

      1. Thanks for the prompt response. I have my SIL in Pune. I will take her help in getting this thread. Just wanted to know a few more details – does it come as a ball or a cone , what the price is , and what size crochet hook goes well for it. Also you have mentioned that finishing is difficult with this thread. I am curious to know the reason for this.
        BTW, I live in Bangalore and making crochet purses and bags is a hobby of mine.

        Meena K

      2. oh u live in b’lore!! why dont u join’s south asian crafters group. am mugdhamanasa there.. we’re a whole lot of knitters n crocheters living here n meeting up.
        actually i happened to find the same thread at raja market (chikpet) today. the thinner thread costs abt 150 per skien. it doesn’t come in cones. didnt enquire abt the thick one, but i remm this to be an expensive proposition. The finishing is difficult as the thread is very hard and stiff n doesnt lend itself to getting a lining stitched to it. while the outside is beautiful, the inside is a painful exercise in hand-sewing.
        As for which needle, i’ll have to get back to u on that one as my SIL had made it! 🙂

      3. Thanks for your reply. I face some severe health problem currently and may take a few months to recover. Actually crocheting is something I learnt from my mom in my teens and right now it is very thereuptic for me now. Thanks for your suggestion to join the group. Will definitely do this in a few months once I recover. I love to gift crocheted items and I am also planning to sell purely for charity purposes.You can check in facebook for my album (name: Meena Krishnamurthy) wherein I have posted pictures of some purses/small bags made using Purse thread (wound in cones) got from Mumbai.
        Meena K

      4. Hi Meena, I wish u a speedy recovery!! will ping u on fb shortly.. and ravelry is an online community. in fact most ppl manage to make it abt a couple of times a yr to meet, sometimes even less! also it has a nice resource for designs from accross the world, and thats why i’m urging u to join!! 🙂
        do let me know if you need any support from my side for your charity exhibitions. wud love to help out in any way i can!

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