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Squared Away

Am I thrilled with myself or what!?! I started with the Quadrant design a few days back. The purpose of that one was still in progress as I was crocheting. But the design was just so easy! The main thing is that there is one stitched that you have to learn. And that’s it.

That stitch is the Double Crochet (dc). One of the basic stitches in crochet. It’s not even a design, for God’s sake! But the design was formed using this one little stitch. So it’s a great beginners project.

Have done one Quadrant, I was thrilled to bits. Also at that time I found some leftover yarn, which wasn’t good for any project. So I thought why not make some coasters. I’ve always wanted crochet coasters. But most designs seemed to do it in thread. Umm. Not yet for me! So I went ahead and made it in yarn.

This is the final result. A quick 2 hr project (I’m guessing it took 2 hours because I’m a newbie), and fun too! 🙂

small sized beauties! ;)
small sized beauties! 😉
one more pic!
one more pic!
The coasters
The coasters

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