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Quadrant : New Craft, New Project

One of my crafty resolutions this year has been to learn crochet. But somehow, I have been delaying this, on grounds that I’m just too busy with knitting.

In one of my Ravelry groups, a new C/KAL has been started: Motifated. This one looks are any item (garments, accessory,home needs) that can be made with motifs. Of course, there are a lot of motifs and large stuff made with knitting. But then again, crochet is on my to-do list.

Then came in the question of what to make. The motifs were very pretty, and plain gibberish to my knitting mind. For the life of me I couldn’t keep them straight in my mind. Then came in the Quadrant Blanket pattern. It was being made by another crafter. Having seen it, I figured there was only 1 stitch being repeated over and over and over again. the remaining are basic and design elements. But the stitch stayed the same. I’ve found my dream starter crochet project! 😀

Done with the first block 🙂

my basic motif
my basic motif

4 thoughts on “Quadrant : New Craft, New Project

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  3. All the best 🙂 .
    I just made my first knit bag and struggling to cast on for a baby sweater.:-)

    1. I saw ur bag on Ravelry. It came out pretty cool!!! and best of luck for the sweater.

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